John Daly, Family Law Mediator

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Service Areas: Indian River County and
Brevard County, FL, USA



John Daly is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and is well established in the Brevard County area of Melbourne to provide assistance to couples to mediate their differences as they work through a divorce. He believes divorce is not primarily about money. It’s about setting a path for the families so they can co-exist with a plan. The issues are much more emotional, especially when children are involved. After divorce, the parents will continue to have a connection through their children, & will be more rewarding to participate in family events if the parents settle their divorce amicably through mediation rather than through bitter litigation. If you are from Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa, Titusville or Vero Beach, we can help.

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Me and my Ex could barely discuss anything without arguing. We agreed on one main issue and that was to do an uncontested divorce, so we wouldn't have too pay lawyers a lot of money. That's when we found John. We finally were able to work out everything with John's help. Without John we would probably still be arguing instead of moving on with our lives. Thank You John, your the best at what you do!

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