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Paragraph provides freelance copywriting, content creation, and marketing communication for organizations in Michigan and across the United States. Paragraph provides the right words, in the right medium, delivered at the right time. Pamela Patton is creative and strategic at advertising and marketing copywriter, and known for innovative ideas and a unique voice intended to gain attention, attract interest, inform decision-making, and spur action. Her approach goes beyond simply putting words on a page and works with you one-on-one to determine your project’s business goals, understand your organization’s voice, then work to ensure consistent and effective brand identity across all platforms.

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Justin Vajko
Pam is the best copywriter I've ever worked with, period. She asks great questions to understand her client and her clients' customers fast. That understanding makes her copy punchy and compelling. Work with her if you want to save time and make money.

Pam does great work and is a joy to work with.

Jan Underhill
I have appreciated Pam’s creative and witty approach to community projects such as the professional organizations she’s supported throughout her long career.

Amanda Cecconi
Pam is a delight and has provided really excellent content for the past few years. We appreciate her passion and empathetic focus on the healthcare issues that matter to our clients. She really offers insight from the individual's perspective.

Rex Roy
Professional and trustworthy service.

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