Why Are Reviews Important for Custom Closet Designers?

Why Are Reviews Important for Custom Closet Designers?

By: Bob Levin November 9, 2022 1:36 am

Why Are Reviews Important for Custom Closet Designers?

When it comes to custom closet design, reviews are incredibly important.

They can tell you everything from how well a designer works with clients to the quality of their finished product.

By reading reviews, you can learn more about what to expect from your designer and make an informed decision about who to work with.

Plus, they’re darn fun to read! So, if you’re in the market for a custom closet designer, read this blog post and check out some reviews to get started.

Good Custom Closet Designer

Is It Hard To Find A Good Custom Closet Designer Online?

An important question everybody thinks about is: “How do I find a good custom closet designer online?”

In the internet age, finding a custom closet designer to help create the perfect storage solution for your home is easier than ever.

However, with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start.

So, one of the best ways to get an idea of a designer’s work is to check their online portfolio.

Still, with so many designers, knowing who the right fit for your project will be tough.

That’s where reviews come in! By reading reviews from past clients, you can better understand what it’s like to work with a particular designer and see if they’re the right fit for you.

Do Custom Closet Designers Require Reviews to Be Successful?

There’s no doubt that online reviews are important. Every business, whether it sells books or toothpaste, has a presence online, and reviews are a big part of what that presence is.

So, how important are online reviews for closet designers? That’s a question we get a lot.

In addition to the type of designer, their age, their geographical location, the type of customer they work with, and more, the answer isn’t simple.

Let’s look at some of those factors and try to give you a definitive answer.

Custom Closet Designers

Type of Designer

There are two main types of closet designers: off-the-rack and custom. Off-the-rack designers sell ready-made products that can be shipped directly to the customer without any customization or assembly required. Most of the time, these things are made in factories and kept in warehouses until they are needed. On the other hand, custom closet designers create one-of-a-kind products that are made to order according to the specific needs and wants of the customer.

Before putting together a final product, custom closet designers often work closely with their clients to make sure that every detail is perfect. Because of this personal relationship that custom closet designers have with their clients, word-of-mouth referrals can be just as important—if not more important—than online reviews. Online reviews can still help custom closet designers by giving potential customers an idea of what it’s like to work with them and what kind of final product they can expect.

Age of Designer

Another factor to consider is the age of the designer. Younger designers who are just starting their careers may find that they need online reviews more than established designers who have been in business for many years and have developed a strong reputation within their community. It is because online reviews can help young designers build trust with potential customers who may not have heard of them before. On the other hand, well-known designers may already have a group of loyal customers who aren’t likely to be swayed by online reviews, positive or negative, because they know what to expect from the designer based on their past experiences.


The geographical location of the designer also plays a role in how important online reviews are. If a designer lives in a small town or a rural area, online reviews may be the only way to reach new customers outside of their immediate area. It is because potential customers who live far away from the designer may not have any other way of learning about their business unless they stumble across them online (which is becoming increasingly unlikely given how much competition there is). On the other hand, designers located in major metropolitan areas may find that they don’t need online reviews as much because they already have a steady stream of local customers coming through their doors.

Type of customer

Finally, another factor to consider is the type of customer that the designer typically works with. For instance, some designers might only work with high-end clients who are willing to pay top dollar for high-quality products and services. These customers likely won’t care too much about reading online reviews because they know what they want and are willing to pay whatever it takes. Other designers may specialize in working with budget-conscious customers looking for good deals on quality products. These customers are more likely to read online reviews before purchasing because they want to ensure they’re getting their money’s worth.

In conclusion, there is no simple answer to whether custom closet designers require reviews to be successful—it depends on a variety of factors such as the type of designer, the age of the designer, the geographic location, and the type of customer.

However, one thing is certain: online reviews remain an important part of business in today’s digital world.

How Reviews Affect Custom Closet Designers’ Business?

As mentioned, online reviews’ effect on custom closet designers’ businesses depends on various factors. However, some general trends can be observed.

Some people who make custom closets may find that online reviews are the best way to get new customers and grow their business. It is especially true for young designers starting their careers or for designers located in small towns or rural areas. Online reviews can help these designers build trust with potential customers who may not have heard of them before.

On the other hand, some custom closet designers may not find online reviews as important because they already have a loyal following of customers, or they are established within their community. Also, customers who are willing to pay more for high-quality goods or services might not be as affected by online reviews.

So, you see, online reviews can benefit custom closet designers’ businesses, but their importance depends on the designer’s circumstances.

How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Business?

Positive reviews can help boost your SEO and attract new leads, while negative reviews can damage your reputation and discourage potential customers from doing business with you. So, how can you encourage your customers to leave positive reviews? Keep reading this blog post, and you’ll know!

You can do a few key things to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews.

  • Make sure you are providing them with excellent service from start to finish.
  • They will likely want to leave a review if they have a good experience with your company.
  • Send follow-up emails or text messages after completing their project thanking them for their business and asking them to leave a review if they were satisfied with the work.
  • Offer an incentive for leaving a review, such as a discount on their next project.

Remember that online reviews are important for any business that wants to do well in the online world. You’ll boost your online reputation and attract new leads by providing excellent service.

Tips For Responding to Negative Online Reviews

It is easier than ever for customers to leave reviews about your business, including negative reviews.

While it can be tempting to ignore negative reviews or delete them entirely, that is not the best course of action.

Why? People trust online reviews, and potential customers will take negative reviews into account when deciding whether to do business with you. So, how should you respond to a negative review?

Here are some tips for you!

Acknowledge the review

The first step is to acknowledge the review. Do not try to sweep it under the rug or pretend it doesn’t exist.

Try a reply like this:

“/Users/7of9/Desktop/Thank you for bringing this to our attention. “We’re sorry to hear that you had a negative experience and would appreciate the opportunity to make things right.”

Something like this shows that you are taking responsibility and want to make things right.

Respond publicly but keep it short and sweet

It is important to respond publicly to a negative review so potential customers can see that you are taking the issue seriously and trying to resolve it.

However, your response should be short and sweet—you don’t want to get into a back-and-forth argument with the reviewer.

A response like this: “/Users/7of9/Desktop/We’re sorry about your bad experience. We would love the chance to make things right. Please call us at [phone number] to discuss this further.

Private message the customer

You may also want to reach out privately to the customer via phone or email (if they have provided contact information) and respond publicly. It allows you to get more details about their complaint and see if there is anything you can do to rectify the situation.

Learn from your mistakes

Finally, once you have resolved the issue with the customer, take some time to reflect on what happened and see if there is anything you can do differently to prevent similar complaints in the future.

The Consequences of Not Having Any Online Reviews

As we mentioned before, online reviews are important for businesses in the digital world. But what happens if you don’t have any?

There are a few potential consequences:

  • You will miss out on SEO benefits.
  • You will miss out on potential customers.
  • You won’t be able to build social proof.
  • You won’t be able to improve your customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do I Need to Know About Custom Closets?

Custom closets are a great way to make the most of your storage space. They can be designed to fit any room in your home and come in various styles and materials.

How Much Should I Charge for A Custom Closet?

The cost of a custom closet will depend on the size, materials, and features you choose. A basic custom closet can start at around $500, but the sky’s the limit depending on your needs and wants.

How Do I Choose the Right Custom Closet Company?

Checking their reviews and getting quotes from different companies is a great way to start. You should also ensure they are licensed and insured before making your final decision.

Is It Worth Getting a Custom Closet?

Yes! Custom closets can add value to your home and make your life more organized and stress-free.

What Does a Closet Designer Do?

A closet designer helps you create the custom closet of your dreams. They will think about your storage needs and how your room is set up to make a space that is both functional and stylish.

Wrapping Up: Why Are Reviews Important for Custom Closet Designers?

So, ultimately, online reviews are important for custom closet designers. Reviews help new customers feel more comfortable working with a designer, especially if they are located in a different city or state.

Negative reviews can damage a business, but they also offer an opportunity for businesses to learn from their mistakes.

As a custom closet designer, it’s important to have a strong online presence and actively look for customer reviews.